Saturday, July 19, 2008

5 years ago today....

I just felt like I couldn't let today, our anniversary, go by without writing something about 5 years of a blissful marriage. What could I possibly say to make this day more palatable? There is nothing but sweetness to remember. So, that is what I choose--the greatness of it all. I thought that most of you reading this have probably never seen this picture---but it was so us! Me laughing and Blair being the funniest person you could imagine. He had that knack like none other and I miss it terribly. But, make no mistake his little man has that knack and he graciously has stepped in to make his mommy laugh hysterically at the things he says and does. So, till I get to heaven to hear that quick wit again I will just let Davis fill in.
I am singing at a wedding next weekend and I as was practicing today I couldn't help but be completely overcome with emotion about our marriage and my relationship with Christ at this very hour. The song 'How Beautiful' is so gorgeous and the words are truly perfection. As I sang, 'How beautiful the radiant bride who waits for her groom with his light in her eyes. How beautiful when humble hearts give the fruit of pure lives so that others may live,' ---all I could think was, "Could this really be the words that so poignantly express my deepest emotion of Blair's death and life?" As I reflect on our wedding photos, this picture, the ceremony, our 5 years of highs and lows, I can't help but think that the fruit of Blair's life culminated so that others could truly live! But, those others can't 'live' if we won't do what the last verse of that song says-'How beautiful the feet (mine and yours) that bring the sound of good news and the LOVE of the King." Tell someone you love that Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE! He is it! Nothing else--just Him!
Marriage is such an awesome gift that I was blessed to experience. From the moment we discussed getting married, I knew that God had ordained us to be together. I am thankful and grateful that I could experience so much with a man that loved me selflessly. Thank you, dear Jesus, that you allowed me this gift for 5 years. I am blessed by the fruit of Blair's life and lives that we created together.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boats, Big Boy Underwear, and the Beach!

Obviously based on my lack of posts, this has been a very busy month! We have been on the go with a capital G! It's been crazy good and we are almost done with our travels. The last weekend in June we went to Paige's for the Deeper Still conference in Atlanta with Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, and Kay Arthur. It was AWESOME and honestly I was just so grateful to be there. It was an intense weekend of study but what got me the most was the worship. All I could think about the whole time we were there was, 'This is so what heaven will be like and then some.' I looked at Paige, Blair's sister, on Friday night as it began that first night and said, 'He gets this and better all the time.' It was beautiful and honestly made me long to be there even more than I already do.
Priscilla Shirer spoke the first night about the children of Israel in the wilderness before they arrived at Mt. Sinai where they were to see God. They camped there in the wilderness and prepared to see the face of God. All I could think the whole night was -'this is so my life.' I have pitched a tent in the wilderness and by golly I will see the face of God and relish every moment of it. Priscilla challenged us to dwell in it; rest in it; trust in Him; humble yourself and learn more than you ever could in another place. It was God's choice to lead the children of Israel through the wilderness. There was an easier way, but He took them on a different path to allow them to see His provision. Mount Sinai was the furthest possible place away from external blessing. It was at this place that they received the biggest internal blessing. Enough said, this is so my life!

So, we now have reached a milestone in a toddler's life! We are officially potty-trained. There was no waiting or delaying. It was going to happen and Davis was the conductor on this train. While in Atlanta, he said 'Mommy, I want to poo-poo in the poddy' and well, the rest is history. He did it on his own and we clapped. No kidding, this was not my choice and honestly for those of you who have done it -you know it's just different when you can't just slap a diaper on. Well, not anymore. So, to celebrate we had a Poo-Poo Party for Davis and it involved cake and pizza. Davis thought it was the greatest thing ever. He got a treasure box filled with trinkets of encouragement and an ice-cream cake that was pitiful looking but it fit the bill. He LOVED it! You know I'm all about a party and especially one for this praiseworthy accomplishment. I'm sure you're thinking this is the craziest thing ever--but at this point my motto is 'whatever works.' He's doing great and with the exception of a few accidents we are a big boy underwear wearing two year old.

We spent the 4th in Florence and had a great time with the Fousts. It was a great day and Campbell had her first taste of ribs, a Faulkner/Foust tradition of eating ribs and tenderloin. Davis was well attended by Hannah and Abby and they had so much fun romping all over. We went out of the boat with the Wilson's over the weekend and Davis and Campbell both loved the boat so much. Campbell was not real excited about her 'flotation' device but she did manage to nap in it. Davis was too busy on the front of the boat and did not bat an eye. He was not going to miss one thing and didn't.

And finally, the beach. My high school friends decided it was time for us to get together after all these years and do something besides just spend an hour together at Christmas. So, we planned a weekend getaway to Ono Island and had a great time. We decided to name ourselves to give ourselves a real identity as a group. So, Just Us Girls, the JUGs. I know, cheesy, but of the other choices -trust me, this one was best. After staying up way to late watching hilarious leadout videos and looking at more picture albums than we would admit we decided that it was high time that we did this and we won't miss another chance to do it again. Thanks to my JUG girls for making our weekend perfect!

After the JUG girls left to go home, David and Judy trekked down with the kids to the house where we were staying. They were such champs to drive my kids that far without their mother. But, they had the trusty 6 changer DVD (How do you live without it?) and a bag of Cheerios for Campbell and therefore life was pretty good. We had the best time ever and Davis has loved the sand and surf. Campbell-well, let's just say it was a photo op for me and that's about it. Speaking of photo ops, our beach photos are quite hilarious. I will spare you the details but let's just say that a 2 year old and an 8 month old were not meant for camera timers or the dusk hour. CAN SOMEONE SAY NIGHTMARE and can I get a witness? The week was perfect (other than the heinous beach photos):)) and the house on Ono Island was the icing on the cake!