Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh me...I've missed you!!

Ok, ridiculous isn't it that I have not blogged in almost a year. My's been a little crazy. No way to go back and reflect....that's a book. So....I'm starting fresh...are you ready!!! I'm kind of excited....inspired by sweet friends who are waaaay more into this than I am....and ready to catalog our life so my kids will have more than pictures....although they are worth a thousand words....when you take good ones...heehee.

It is really about today ....which just ended and why I'm up doing this I'm not sure....yes I am. God showed me something amazing that those of us with children will especially find hope in and I need to share it. It's too long for a tweet or FB status...and He might have this for you tomorrow.

Learning about surrender....heard a teaching this morning about it and it was profound. I wrote down a few things that I needed to do...thought of some more. Would you believe one of the very things I had thought of that I needed to put at rest...move on....say my apologies for being careless about happened this afternoon. It was beautiful and it was straight from Him. I needed to close this door so another one could open and it was just amazing as the grace and mercy flowed.'s these things that I don't want to forget ....when I hear Him speak to me and ...there it is. I'm always surprised...shouldn't be but I am. now to kids. Davis is 5 and Campbell is 3. We have had some major shifts in who gets the brunt of most of the discipline. I'll let you guess...Davis has matured...Campbell...well, she's 3...enough said. It is beautiful to see but all the while I kind of feel like I'm in a deja vu and the child under my wing more often than not is blond and blue eyed....girl. how things change. Anyway, Davis has struggled recently with ugly thoughts....not necessarily evil....just things he shouldn't dwell on. It's normal, I was prepared for it, have seen it before, have had counselors warn me, etc.....but when he is your own is so difficult to help him. So...where to go, no where else but the Word. Here it is....'Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ'.....we are talking a lot these days about what a captive thought looks like and what to do with it. So...what 's next. Think about such things....Phil 4:8...whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy (Alpha Gams can I get an amen)....these things Davis...heaven, how much we love you, how blessed we are, your greatest memories. So that....Phil. 4:9 can put this new way of thinking into practice and the God of PEACE will be with you. the Word, love the thought of dwelling here, love that my child knows and loves Jesus enough to recognize a thought not of Christ and verbalize...'Mom, I'm holding that one captive.' Thanks be to you O LORD for your perfect holy WORD ...that NEVER comes back void..never!!!

Ok..second thing. LYING...this is a big one but it's amazing how God has We all know the devastation lying can bring to families. It's horrible ...which is why in Prov says.." The Lord detests (some transl. disgusted) lying lips, BUT HE delights in men who are truthful." Delights....please Lord do that in me. Please. Davis poor child. He is being made an example because I do not want to forget this day and what He brought me to and through on this day. Seems simple but I assure you it so huge. Nothing like putting some scripture to good use in a day to memorize it in a way that you will never forget it. He actually lied two days ago now....but then needed to revisit his 'fable' again this morning. Oh lie twice about the same thing....clearly the teaching did not sink in. It was strange honestly...he usually is repentant beyond belief and it's a moot point until the next time....lying is rare but happens... let's be honest. So, discipline again....but the scripture that I normally use was just not really sinking in ...'Keep your tongue from evil and lips speaking lies.' It was not reaching the heart like I had hoped...clearly. And...then I go to hear this same teaching on surrender and what do you know ...Prov 12:22. I was dumbfounded at HIS GOODNESS for my need...HE MET ME. HE always does. HE met Davis when we got to the car. I told him I had a new scripture I was excited about. 'Mom, what does it mean to delight?' Oh that's means you jump up and down when your child repents and understands that their thoughts that are not His thoughts and are to be help captive. THAT IS DELIGHT....(I didn't tell him was much simpler and 5 year oldish)! He got's a new's a new blog...for me....
I love you are so worthy. Listening to Christy Nockels sing 'I will carry your Name...for all of my days.' I will....not ever going back....I can think of no greater honor.