Friday, October 31, 2008



Oh my, October has been CRAZY! We have celebrated and had more cake than the law should allow. It was so much fun to watch the kids with their friends at school and at their parties. We had a great visit at home and I was able to speak for Community Bible Study. This has been a month filled with bittersweetness on more than one level. But beyond the hole that we felt without Blair there to watch Davis drive his new battery operated red Mustang, to watch Campbell blow out her one candle and not burn herself :) and to watch her stand up alone, to go trick or treating as Captain Hook with us as Wendy, Tink, and Peter Pan, we still have joy and we know that our new normal is reality. We have had so much fun and as much as we hurt I still know that our hurt is his gain! Oooo, I could write a book but I'll spare you the details. Here are just a few of the 300 pictures (and that is no joke but I wasn't taking all those:) I have taken this month! Miss you and love you all!