Sunday, December 7, 2008

Polar Expressed

Davis, Campbell, Judy, David and I went to ride the Polar Express with some precious friends of mine from Birmingham this past Saturday!! We had such an awesome ride at -2 mph on the train, yes that's negative 2 because the thing crawled down the tracks. I think Santa's elves were pushing it! So funny! Santa and Mrs. Clause came down through the cars giving out little gifts and Davis was out of his mind excited to talk to him. He told him he wanted a really big piece of candy and a trumpet. So, there you have it-easy enough if I do say so myself. We had a great time even though Campbell was not releasing her death grip on me to go to Santa or the Mrs. Just like a 1 year old. We loved it and sadly made it home just in time to watch Alabama lose, oh well!


I know, I know! You want Disney pictures!! Sorry, it has taken me forever to do this and I don't want to keep you waiting any longer!! First of all, we had the best time ever BUT, Disney is not a Ritz Carlton spa day, to say the least!! Oh my word, were we ever tired!! It was a crazy fun week of Mickey and friends and we certainly maximized our time and meal plan cards!! We loved the meal plan so sign up if you are going anytime soon! Drew and Haley had a great time riding 'It's a Small World' for the twelfth time, just kidding, but I will say that by far that was Davis and Campbell's favorite. Peter Pan was a hit and of course the fifty variations of Dumbo were huge with the little ones. Now, the adults hands down loved Soarin' at Epcot. It was a stark reminder that everywhere you go we take Blair with us and nothing like a 'flying' ride to remind us of all that he was able to do as his reality. There was not one thing in that ride that he had not flown over and swooped down on in some form of airframe that he flew over the years. What a life!! He would have loved it and we all could not miss him terribly at various moments throughout the week. Davis dancing with Jo-Jo and the Little Einsteins, Campbell jumping out of her seat to see Tigger, Davis at the coconut race at O'hana, Davis talking to Crush and telling him proudly that he was three, and of course the drummers at Epcot giving Davis their drum sticks because he was so into what they were doing---they were all priceless memories that I so wish Blair could have seen and he did in some way. In spite of the nagging thought that he was missing one of the most joyous experiences for toddlers, I was reminded again that no matter how great Disney is heaven is still better. The rides are better, the food is better, the people are perfect, and we are again all together. So, as I look at these pictures and dream of Blair being in them I still long for the day I will see him again. Because, make no mistake I will and it will be soon! So, we press on. I sincerely hope that you had a great Thanksgiving remembering all that we have to be thankful for. In spite of it all, we are still crazy blessed!