Sunday, September 28, 2008

September-Where did it go??

Every month that goes by I am just amazed and what all has happened and where the time has truly gone. I know, I know the older you get the faster it goes. And, since I turned 32 this past Friday I feel like no truer words have been spoken!

This month has been so busy with MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) getting started back, my Family Time Kindermusik class, Gustav evacuees, one Bible study ending and another one starting, a trip to Birmingham and did I mention 2 children, one of whom is going to take her first steps any day!! Oh my how crazy! But, all that being said it has been a great 'birthday' month all in all and we continue to thank God everyday for what we have and not what we lack.

Personally, one of the most interesting things that has taken place this month has been the Daniel Bible study ending and us starting 'The 66 club'. This refers to the books of the Bible of which I am desperately interested in putting it all together for once. I have been in 'church' before I was born but haven't really 'studied' cover to cover or have I studied the basics of Bible knowledge. Yes, Noah, Moses, woman at the well and all the stories and parables are of course extremely familiar but the history and chronology have been a mystery to me and I really wanted that to change. How many Beth Moore studies over the years have I done without getting the big picture?? Not anymore!! God says his Word will never come back void and HE is crying out to us to learn it, know it, hide it, teach it and do it every day!! So, thus the 66 club began out of a song that I learned at VBS in 6th grade with the 66 books of the Bible as the subject. So, on Tuesday nights about 20 women show up to learn and admit that we always can't find Hebrews or Zephaniah, and that we didn't know that the Old Testament is not chronological, and that only 11 of the 39 books in the Old Testament tell the 'story'. But, in one accord we admit our desire and it has been awesome. Again, what have I been doing for the last 32 years when it comes to all the basics--who knows?? But, I know I am passionate about taking others on this pursuit and falling in love with the Word like never before!! How can you love something you don't spend time with? Answer-you can't, so this is my futile attempt to learn and love. If you read this and want the same thing and think to yourself, 'that is so me', then log on to and do it with us. We are doing the Bible Basics track and it has been fabulous. I just know that God gets so excited when we get excited about His precious Word. Oooo, gotta love it!! Join in--I promise you will not be disappointed and you will be amazed at what you don't know!! Good stuff!!

The kids are doing great and Campbell is learning something new everyday. We are clapping on command, dancing to the Wiggles (which I can't believe I got sucked in to that one and just goes to show that we were born to dance), signing 'more,' 'all done', and 'fish' and she is just about the sweetest little thing ever. She loves school and you have never seen a baby light up like she does when her prince Davis walks in the room. She adores him more than she can even express and it is precious. Davis has turned a corner and now that she is more animated and 'gives back' he is definitely more into his role as big brother. They are the most precious gift a mother could ask for and every night I put them to bed and get the priviledge of waking up to their precious faces is just one more chance to say thanks be to God for all that HE has and will do through them!!

Birthdays come and go but I have to say that my sweet friends and family made this one very special and I will forever be grateful for all that they did. I think for me Blair's birthday will always be harder than mine could ever be without him but all those who 'stood' in the gap made every effort to make it special this year. I spent a precious night at Restaurant Tyler in Starkville with Columbus friends and then headed to Birmingham for a weekend with Beth and Rebecca, oh yeah and did I mention our 6 kids under 4. That alone is funny! We had a Florence/New Orleans reunion on Friday night with old friends and their sweet kids and it was so fun to see everyone. What a treat! Then Saturday we headed to the new Robert Trent Jones resort, Ross Bridge, for the royal spa treatment and loved all of it! Dinner at Surin West topped off our perfect night and weekend!! What a blessing I have in my sweet friends! I truly thank my God every time I remember them and all they have done for me!!

So, maybe October will be a little slower. Yeah, no, because both of the children were born this month and it will be filled with fall fun, birthdays, and some great costumes. Stay tuned for Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and Wendy photos to come! How cute is that?? Loving me some dress up! I know, I'm such a girl!!:))