Tuesday, December 18, 2012


When the Holy Spirit speaks directly to our heart it is something to remember. Today was one of those days and I just really don't want to forget it.
Today was the 1st grade know...lots of sugar, lots of fun, extra long recess, Christmas shirts and just an all around amazing day when you are 7. They had a little musical chairs game to pass around their 10 dollar gift card exchange. It was great and tear free unlike a dirty game of dirty Santa...why do we do that anyway? me.
We leave school and Davis desperately starts in on me. "When can I go to Target to spend my gift card?" Well....hmmmmm. You know I really wish I could tell you that I have that kid that immediately wants to spend a gift card on others...but I just don't. He is precious but on a spiritual gift scale giving would not be his top three. He's seven and I get that but every mother no doubt desires that her child just love giving and she probably (if she's me) wants it to be their idea. And....I get disappointed more times than not.'s ok. Because I know and I believe that regardless of the fact that my child is not begging me to go buy food for Manna House or to pick up 10 angels off the tree....He knows in his heart at the core of who he is that 'IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE.' He knew that but he didn't believe that until today. my attempt to just be ok in his self centered plea to spend...I asked Davis to ask God what He wanted him to do with that card.
He was in his car seat at the back of the van. He comes to the front after he had clearly had a discussion with THE MAN and he sits down on the console. He looks at me with that face that I have seen a hundred times...happy tears are about to flow. He PROMISES in Ez 36:26 that he will take away our heart of stone and gives us a new one. And...He did that today for my little boy. He gently reminded Davis that it is always better to give than to receive...I never said that verse...I didn't nag (praise God for miracles)....I just let him be and ask God. And...he did....and God replied directly to His new heart and his love expounded...his heart grew tender to HIS agenda in this world. His heart rested in WHO HE IS in Christ because who He is is not a selfish little is a generous kind heart the truly understands why God says what He says in His LIVING AND ACTIVE WORD. He cried living water because HE knew that God spoke to him.
Praise God for believing! Praise God for the gift of the Holy Spirit! Praise God I left the job of convicting in righteousness up to the Holy Spirit instead of trying to BE HIS Holy Spirit!!
Belief is a powerful thing. Davis shopped at Target with new freedom in who HE is. It was exciting to buy things for someone he will probably never meet. At Christmas, I could not be more thankful for our identity and what He can do with us when we BELIEVE WHAT HE SAYS IS TRUE.  Take that on the Polar Express and see what happens!!! Punch that card...He is so worthy to be praised!!!


Jenn Dearborn said...

I am a faithful reader of your blog posts and I've missed your entries. Hope you are inspired to write soon.

Niki said...

So sweet!!